Guest Post: Gloss your Family Portrait

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to have Rebekah from Gloss here today to give us some tips and tricks when it comes to styling you and your family for your family portrait sessions.  Rebekah is an expert in all things style.  No matter your style, size or reason to get dressed up, Rebekah has tips and tricks for you!   Take it away Rebekah!


I happen to love family portraits.  New families, growing families, established families… everyone coming together to capture an exact moment in time.  It’s so romantic.  Life changes so fast, family portraits are like the crumbs we leave ourselves to find our way back to who we were when…  But that doesn’t mean we should also find our way back to our more questionable fashion choices throughout the years!!  If you have any pictures of yourself from the 80’s, you know what I am talking about here.  Even with the best intentions, it can be easy to capture a fad while trying to capture a memory.

To ensure that your family portraits turn out as snapshots of who you are and not snapshots of outdated fashion choices, use the four rules of family portrait styling below and love your portraits for years to come!

Cozy up to Complimentary Colors:

Choosing your color palatte is personal business!  I have friends that would paint their cars pink if it were a widely accepted vehicle color and others who absolutely refuse to wear or own any version of the hue.  Start the process of styling your shoot by selecting three colors in complimentary shades.  If you struggle with deciding what colors work together, think about whether or not you can find the color combination in nature.  Still not sure?  Head over to Design Seeds (  It’s a great site where you can find almost any color combination your heart desires.  Consider black, white and grey as your “freebie” colors and add them into the overall look without disrupting cohesion.

Layer Thoughtfully:

Now that you have selected your color combinations, it’s time to think about how you want to blend them throughout your outfits.  Simply pairing jeans and a colorful top for your family members will inevitably end in future regret.  Mix the colors throughout your clothing pieces.  Use dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans, blazers, trousers, jeans… the more variety you can create within your clothing selection, the better your portraits will turn out.  The end result you are trying to achieve is for each member to have an individual look that compliments the overall family look.

Source: Lindsey Powell

Insert your Pattern Here:

Patterns are a must.  They will break up the monotony of solid colors and add depth to your portraits.  Start with one patterned focal piece, be it a husband’s button down, wife’s dress or daughter’s romper.  The pattern should include your color selections in some way.  If the pattern you fall in love with only includes one of your color selections and a freebie, layer it with a second color.  For example, pair a patterned dress with a solid blazer in a complimentary color or vice versa… Pair a solid dress with a patterned cardigan in a complimentary color.

Source: Ellie Grover


Don’t forget to complete your look with accessories!  After all of the work of selecting colors and patterns, it can be easy to overlook this vital step.  It’s my firm belief that the foundation of every outfit is the use of two textures and a metallic.  Jewelry is the easiest way to incorporate metallics without much thought.  Accessorizing is also a good way to include cherished family pieces in your portrait… use Grandma’s brooch, Grandpa’s tie tack and your other favorite items to personalize your shoot.  Remember that when you look at your portraits you want to see your family’s personality, not just dressed up versions of yourselves.

Source: Kasey of the Fields

Keep these four rules in mind when styling your family portrait and you are sure to create a look that will stand the test of time.  Get creative, have fun, and make memories!


**To stay up to date on all things fashion, or to schedule a style session with Rebekah, visit Gloss at  Want more than that, then be sure to visit and “Like” the Gloss Facebook Page.  You won’t be disappointed!

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