Styled Session – Princess

I took these images a few months ago for a workshop that I participated in.  The images you see below were taken for my final assignment.  Simply put, I love this little set.  My mom made my daughter that dress for her Halloween costume and we just love it.  For kicks, I made my daughter that floral tiara as an accessory to the dress.

In my Thank You post, I spoke a little bit about styled sessions for kids.  Even though this is not an official styled session, this gives you an idea of what a styled session with me will look like.  Before I went out to take these images, I dressed my daughter as I would a child for a styled session.  I didn’t just want a cute little princess dress, I wanted more.  She had her floral tiara, her knee boots, her hair was down and natural and, in some pictures, she wore her necklace.  Not every picture is all sweet and cute.  I went a little further with the images.  There is so much more to an image than a smile and a pose.  Portraits can convey your child’s personality in a way you never imagined possible.  They can tell you their story.

The images below truly convey the feel of our little session.  There were highs and there were lows, and the story below captures that.


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