Walk Through Historic Ellicott City

As a with most photographers, we take time out of our schedules to build on and refine our craft.  Over the past four weeks, I have participated in a photography class through Clickin Moms called Shooting 201: Beyond the Basics.  It was an excellent class that challenged students to step out of the box and to take pictures that we may have never thought of taking.  For our final assignment the students were asked to create an essay using photos.  These photos had to tell a story.  It could be a trip to the store, it could be baking cookies, it could be anything.  Being that I had last Friday off with my daughter I thought it would be a great opportunity to head down to Historic Ellicott City for a little hot cocoa for my daughter, some coffee for me and a little walk down the very charming Main Street.

Shooting 201-5Shooting 201-1Shooting 201-2Shooting 201-3Shooting 201-13Shooting 201-4Shooting 201-7Shooting 201-6Shooting 201-10Shooting 201-8Shooting 201-11Shooting 201-12Shooting 201-9

4 thoughts on “Walk Through Historic Ellicott City

    • Thank you, Tonya! I wish you could have joined us, too! It was another amazing class. Now I have to save some money so I can take another one (but that may take some time, however:)!

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