No Matter the Weather…

Your session is just a few days away.  You’ve been prepping for the day for weeks (or the day before:).  You have the outfits picked out.  You know your location.  You’re super excited.  And then…the weather doesn’t co-operate.  So, what do you do?  Reschedule?  Cry?  It depends.

If your photographer shoots primarily outside (like me) you are slightly bound by the weather.  But don’t let the weather get you down, embrace it!  A few rain clouds, haze or even a heavy rain can turn into a super fun session that yields amazing photos!  Just this morning I took my kids on an “adventure walk”.  Given the current weather report, the clouds were due to clear and warmer weather was supposed to come our way.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, the clouds never lifted, it started to mist and the haze was here to stay.  Not wanting to give up the chance to take even more pictures of my kids, we pressed on.  And I am so glad we did.  I loved the hazy photos!  It wasn’t what I had in mind for the day, but it yielded photos that are worthy of the wall!

Bottom line, keep an open mind.  Wipe the traditional idea of the “perfect photo” from your mind and embrace the weather!






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