What to Wear – Portrait Session

I’ve had some questions from a few families about what to wear for your portrait session.  While this is entirely up to you,  I thought I would share a few simple guidelines that can make for a nice family shot.

First, I want you to be comfortable.  Is the outfit that you are wearing flattering?  Do you get compliments?  Do you like your accessories? Are you dressing to be you?  If the answer is yes to those questions, then you’re wearing the right outfit (and it will show!).  And, while sweats and t-shirts are comfortable, they are not flattering.  Change it up!

Are you coming in for a family portrait?  Want to coordinate a bit?  If you go neutral try to add some color pop with accessories (scarves, belts).  If you have a little girl, add some cute hair clips or barrettes.  Little guys?  How about a nice little belt and a tie?  Going casual, no problem.  Keep the same basic principles in mind.  Try to coordinate, but try to stay away from the all out matching outfits.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to portrait sessions (feel free to stop by and visit!).  I’ve pulled a few of those examples to share on this post.

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